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Map of South Carolina and a part of Georgia containing the whole sea-coast, all the islands, inlets, rivers, creeks, parishes, townships, boroughs,...

South Carolina and Part of Georgia, 1757

Maps and Imagination in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America

from: Moving Pictures

De Brahm had spent his early career as a military engineer in the service of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII. A conversion to Protestantism forced him out of that role and onto a boat bound for Georgia. The governors of Georgia and South Carolina quickly realized the advantage of having a professionally trained engineer and surveyor, each appointing De Brahm as Surveyor General for their respective colonies. In this position, De Brahm had access to each colony’s survey records and used them, along with his own surveys and observations, to compile this map, published in London in 1757. It remained the standard coastal chart of South Carolina and Georgia for decades.